Jacksonville Alabama Public Library

If Jacksonville Public Library does not have an item, you can use this form to request that we borrow the item from another library for you to check out. Each item borrowed will have a $2 fee to cover postage to return the item to the lending library, and materials requested through Inter Library Loan may not be renewed.

Please be aware that many libraries will not lend movies and many do not lend audio books or new releases.

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You must have a valid JPL LIbrary card that is past the probationary period to request a book via Inter Library Loan.

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You must include a specific title; requests for "next in series" or "any by author" will not be processed.



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By submitting this form, I agree that I will be charged $2 to cover postage costs for this item and I understand that failure to pick up a book that has been ordered, does not release me from this fee.